hostel in Alamut

Hostel in Alamut Valley

Persian Hostel in Alamut is in the very heart of nature and some 15 minutes to Alamut Castle. This hostel in Alamut is a gate into the beauty of what Alamut valley and Castle has in store for travelers.

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The Price of Persian Hostel in Alamut

Persian Hostel in Alamut is a gorgeous and traditional budget accommodation in the heart of nature. The prices of our hostel in Alamut is so cheap and reasonable. The rooms are all furnished in traditional ways. As you can see in the photos, the embroideries hanging from the walls, the curtains, the pillows are all old and oriental.

Full Board: 36 Euros including breakfast, dinner and lunch

Stay with breakfast only 22 Euros

Stay without breakfast 20 Euros

Note that all foods are organic


Hostel in Alamut
The Yard of Persian Hostel in Alamut Valley Iran

Exciting History, Lovely Hostel in Alamut to Stay and Experience

A lot of historical and legendary stories of the group of Assassins absorb a lot of tourists to this region. Alamut Caste and valley is located in Qazvin province in the western part of Iran. The nature of this region is astounding and its history talks about brave assassins who etched their fame and valor not justin  Persian history, but in the world. This marvelous sight used to be the home to a lot of scientists and astrologists. This place used to house the largest collection of books in the world. Recently Alamut Castle (Assassins Castle) which is mostly left in ruins plus Lambsar Valley in the west side of it serve as must-visit tourist attractions in Alamut and in Iran. not to mentione Lake Avan which is not far from the castles.

Persian Hostel in Alamut Valley IRAN
Rooms, memories of the past

Persian hostel in Alamut Valley

hostel in Alamut Valley, Iran
Our traditionally-furnished double room

hostel in Alamut
Shrouded by nature Persian Hostel in alamut

Alamut Tours Plus North of Iran Tours

To visit Alamut castle is not all. Alamut valley is a gate to the fantastic lush green world of the north of Iran. If you drive for three or four hours to the north, the landscape will start to change. So, the tremendous change you will witness in nature is remarkable different from nature of the rest of Iran. You will pass by vert green and beautiful villages and reach mountains where the clouds surround you and breathe fresh life into your lungs. We also offer cheap tours to the north of Iran to visit the UNESCO registered Masuleh Village, Qale Rudkhan (Rudkhan Castle), Masal and many other natural attractions that will amaze you.

Persian Hostel in Tehran Iran

Persian Hostel in Alamut Valley and Persian Hostel in Tehran are run by the same standards. If you aim to stay in Tehran, we offer various single rooms (20 $), double and twin rooms (45$), triple rooms (60$) with free breakfast and Wi-Fi. Plus, if you like cheaper budget accommodation in Tehran, we also have a b&b in the center of Tehran near Shademan Metro station. To book visit

Pardisan Hostel in Yazd

Pardsian hostel in Yazd is another branch of Persian hostel in Yazd. We offer very cheap rooms in the center of Yazd.

Nemoneh Hostel in Isfahan

Another branch of ours is Nemoneh Hostel in Isfahan. This hostel in Isfahan is also cheap and has the same prices and services as other mentioned budget accommodation.

hostel in Alamut IRAN
The main hall oozing the love of lost days
budget accommodation in Alamut
Window opening to the porch, budget accommodation in Alamut Iran
budget accommodation in Alamut Valley
The ceilings carpeted with planks and wallks in dried clay and hay. The scent of past, the scent of love
Budget Accommodation in Alamut Valley
The Grandeur of Nature surrounding Persian Hostel in Alamut Valley
hostel in Alamut Iran
lovley traditional objects found everywhere in Persian Hostel in Alamut

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